We would like to give all the thanks that we can to all of our Adopt-a-Net sponsors over the years. We were able to add three new nets to our array this year, including two canopy nets to catch birds in the treetops. We also were able to replace some of our other nets that are getting old and worn. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

2016 Adopt-a-Net sponsors

Michael Green

Michael Green sign 2

Michael Green sign

Wil and Jody Domke


Wil and Jody Domke 8-19-14

Roxanne Featherly


Miriam Avello

Miriam - sign

George and Sherry Kimberly

Kimberly sign

Larry Whipple

Larry Whipple sign

Mary Ellen Rooney

sign - Mary Ellen

Marc Kramer and Eliana Ardila



Audubon Society of the Everglades


Jeanne and Bill Kaufman




2 Responses to Adopt-a-Net

  1. Jeanette Rawls says:

    Thanks for all the pictures and updates. I really have enjoyed it!

  2. Jody Domke says:

    Thanks for all the hard work. I love the sign! The website is clean and informative. Wonderful!

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