Remembering Jim King

Jim and Chuck.JPG

We lost one of our longtime volunteers over the past weekend. Jim, we will miss you a lot at the banding station. Thank you for all that you gave; your inspiration and your laughs!

20180905_073825 (2)

Black-whiskered vireo, Sept 5 2018

September has continued steady, and daily banding totals over the weekend were in the 35 to 36 bird range due to rainy conditions. A lot of Worm-eating warblers were on the move, and this Black-whiskered vireo was a surprise. They are more commonly banded in spring, and, although they breed in Miami-Dade county, they mostly have left by the time the banding season starts.

Here are our totals so far, Aug. 15 to Sept. 10:

Total: 422 birds of 25 species

  1. Ovenbird- 105
  2. American redstart- 61
  3. Worm-eating warbler- 60
  4. Black & white warbler- 41
  5. Northern waterthrush- 37
  6. Red-eyed vireo- 21
  7. Prairie warbler- 16
  8. Northern cardinal- 15
  9. Swainson’s warbler- 13
  10. Blue-gray gnatcatcher- 8
  11. Northern parula- 8
  12. Black-throated blue warbler- 7
  13. Common yellowthroat- 5
  14. Hooded warbler- 5
  15. Louisiana waterthrush- 4
  16. Traill’s flycatcher- 2
  17. Great crested flycatcher- 2
  18. Cerulean warbler- 2
  19. Prothonotary warbler- 2
  20. Summer tanager- 2
  21. Common grackle- 2
  22. Red-bellied woodpecker- 1
  23. Thick-billed vireo- 1
  24. Black-whiskered vireo- 1
  25. Mourning warbler- 1

Blue-gray gnatcatcher, the smallest bird we band

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1 Response to Remembering Jim King

  1. Elsa says:

    Jim was always smiling, always in a good mood. I wish I could be more like Jim. We need more Jims in this world. Rest In Peace, sir, you earned it. Also, congrats to the team on the Black-whiskered Vireo.

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