The Hits Keep Coming

Neotropical migrants have been moving through steadily throughout the end of August and into the beginning of September. We have been catching about 20 birds a day of a nice variety, and the people that run the station over the weekend cannot keep from showing off the interesting species that have wandered into the nets. The August total is around 237 birds, which is a better start than most seasons. The rainy weather forecast for the next week should be good for making birds continue to pause in south Florida.

Happy peeps 082618

Weekend crew flaunting another Cerulean warbler on Aug 26

MOWA Gang 9-1-18

Weekend crew flaunting a Mourning warbler on Sept 1

TBVI gang_090118

Weekend crew flaunting a Thick-billed vireo on Sept 1

TBVI 9-1-18

I looked about like this in the 7th grade

This is probably the same Thick-billed vireo that has been seen lurking around the mound for the past week or so. He is very young, and is molting out of a loose juvenile plumage. We have now banded three of these at CFBS: one in 2005, one in 2017 and this guy!

FOS BTBW_090218

Weekend crew flaunting first-of-season Black-throated blue warbler on Sept 2

What will be next?


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1 Response to The Hits Keep Coming

  1. sheiladem says:

    What a joy to see these awesome birds migrating through the south Florida area! Thanks for sharing photos!

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