Quality then Quantity

After what felt like an excruciatingly slow start to the season (but was actually pretty typical for August) the birds got moving to the north of us and arrived in South Florida  overnight. A weak front in the mainland SE was motivating millions of birds to get going, and they pushed through the boundary, continuing down the peninsula to our great joy. It was nice to hear some flight calls at sunrise and see small flocks around all day. 

CERW HY F_082318_DM (2)

Hatching-year female Cerulean warbler

CERW 1 082318_DM (2)

Side view of the subtle beauty

Why do we open so early if it is so slow? Because of Her^. Cerulean warblers are early migrants and our best chance of catching one is during the last couple of weeks of August into (maybe) the first week of September. It is also our best chance for Louisiana waterthrush, another extremely early migrant. Plus our volunteers get all back up to speed in time for when it gets busy again. While Thursday August 23 had the excitement of the Cerulean, the numbers came this morning. We caught nearly as many birds today as in the other nine days the station has been open. We actually had to do some work today and couldn’t just sit around talking about whatever (mostly birds. We have issues).

Luis and Joan from Catalonia 1_082218

Luis holds court to Joan, visiting from Barcelona

Aug 23/24
Totals: 13/42

  1. Ovenbird: 2/14
  2. American redstart: 3/9
  3. Northern waterthrush: 2/8
  4. Black & white warbler: 1/4
  5. Prairie warbler: 3/1
  6. Worm-eating warbler: 0/2
  7. Cerulean warbler: 1/0
  8. Northern cardinal: 1/0
  9. Red-eyed vireo: 0/1
  10. Northern parula: 0/1
  11. Swainson’s warbler: 0/1
  12. Louisiana waterthrush: 0/1
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1 Response to Quality then Quantity

  1. Elsa says:

    WHOO hoo! She really is a beauty ❤

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