Classic October Black-throated blue swarm


Donna and BWHA 10-18-17

I like hawks!

The rain to our south overnight put down birds by the hundreds in Cape Florida this morning. We could only run 11 nets for part of the day and we couldn’t open any nets in the outside section. Even with only 12 nets, we had to shut them all from 10-12:30 in order to catch up with the banding. 170 birds were banded; possibly one of the highest birds per net hour days that we have ever had in the fall! And of course nobody took any photos of the Black-throated blues, but got pics of these other guys:


Connecticut warbler (hatching year female)

WOTH_101817_RD crop

Wood thrush


Yellow-throated warbler

At least 85% of the birds were in great condition so if the rain lifts, they’re out of here tonight.

Bye bye_2010_101817

Which was the case!

Total: 170 birds of 17 species

  1. Black-throated blue warbler: 107
  2. Ovenbird: 24
  3. American redstart: 10
  4. Northern parula: 5
  5. Gray catbird: 5
  6. Cape May warbler: 3
  7. Black & white warbler: 3
  8. Yellow-billed cuckoo: 3
  9. Common yellowthroat: 2
  10. Prairie warbler: 1
  11. Yellow-throated warbler: 1
  12. Worm-eating warbler: 1
  13. Northern waterthrush: 1
  14. Blackpoll warbler: 1
  15. Connecticut warbler: 1
  16. Wood thrush: 1
  17. Broad-winged hawk: 1


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