Three great days!


The middle of October has historically been our busiest time, and the 2017 season is not disappointing us. We have banded 286 birds of 24 species in the last three days, and according to radar, more are on their way.

PABU pair 1_101417_RD

Hatching-year (greenie) and adult male Painted buntings.

It is interesting to see how the proportion of different species changes from day to day. American redstarts ruled the day on Oct 12, with 38 captures of 99 total birds. Friday Oct 13 was a lucky day for us, with no one species dominating although Black-throated blue warblers, American redstarts, Common yellowthroats and Black & white warblers shared top billing. We also banded our first Mourning warbler since 2012 and our first Canada warbler since 2011 on Friday. The Black-throated blues invaded the site on Saturday the 14th with 61 captures out of 103 total birds banded.


The wind has been out of the east all week but we are still catching plenty of birds. There actually is some rumbling about a cold front getting to us on the long range weather models. It will be nice to cool off finally!

Oct 12/13/14

Totals: 99/84/103

  1. Black-throated blue warbler: 4/22/61
  2. American redstart: 38/9/10
  3. Common yellowthroat: 12/11/6
  4. Black & white warbler: 12/9/6
  5. Ovenbird: 4/12/3
  6. Northern parula: 9/4/0
  7. Prairie warbler: 3/4/1
  8. Gray catbird: 4/0/3
  9. Worm-eating warbler: 1/3/2
  10. Western palm warbler: 2/3/0
  11. Painted bunting: 2/1/2
  12. Swainson’s warbler: 1/1/2
  13. Caper May warbler: 0/1/2
  14. Northern waterthrush: 1/1/1
  15. Northern cardinal: 1/0/2
  16. Bay-breasted warbler: 0/0/2
  17. Sharp-shinned hawk: 1/0/0
  18. Chuck-will’s widow: 0/1/0
  19. Swainson’s thrush: 1/0/0
  20. Blue-gray gnatcatcher: 1/0/0
  21. Chestnut-sided warbler: 1/0/0
  22. Mourning warbler: 0/1/0
  23. Canada warbler: 0/1/0
  24. Summer tanager: 1/0/0


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