CFBS is back!

We finally were able to return to the site on Friday Sept 29 and start the process of cleanup and setting the nets up again after Hurricane Irma’s pass over Florida on Sept 10. There was a lot of tree damage; most of the big ficus trees were still standing but they have shed a lot of branches. The nets are much sunnier now so we will have to be extra careful about closing many of them as the sun gets high towards midday. We have 17 nets back up of the original 26; most of the rest will have to be completely relocated.

There was some excellent migration movements through our part of the world in the days following the storm, and there was still a nice variety of species flitting about when we setup on Friday. We were rewarded with a diverse couple of days over the weekend; this is typical for late September and early October as we near the peak of migration.


Red-eyed vireos were our number one capture; an indication of the lack of canopy in the woods since they normally stay high in the trees above our nets. A burst of Cape May warblers flew in right after sunrise on Sunday and we banded 7 of them; this is a season total in some years.

12 year olds (crop)

The Northern cardinal who is the same age as one of our volunteers was recaptured on Saturday. They are both 12 now! This cardinal has now survived three hurricanes at Cape Florida; Katrina and Wilma in 2005 and Irma in 2017.

Here are our totals for the weekend:

Sept 30/Oct 1

Totals: 32/47

  1. Red-eyed vireo: 11/13
  2. Black-throated blue warbler: 3/8
  3. Cape May warbler: 0/7
  4. American redstart: 2/3
  5. White-eyed vireo: 2/2
  6. Black & white warbler: 2/2
  7. Swainson’s thrush: 1/3
  8. Ovenbird: 1/3
  9. Veery: 2/0
  10. Common yellowthroat: 2/0
  11. Northern cardinal: 2/0
  12. Worm-eating warbler: 1/1
  13. Yellow-throated vireo: 1/0
  14. Northern parula: 1/0
  15. Painted bunting: 1/0
  16. Alder flycatcher: 0/1
  17. Blue jay: 0/1
  18. Magnolia warbler: 0/1
  19. Wilson’s warbler: 0/1
  20. Summer tanager: 0/1


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