Last day of banding for 2013

We have a new number one species at the Cape Florida Banding Station this year….Gray catbird. They edged out our usual top species, Black-throated blue warbler, 358 to 324. Our previous catbird high count was 287 in 2011. This particular catbird was originally banded on April 11, 2007 as an adult, so it is at least eight years old. Interestingly, we have not recaptured this bird in the intervening years.

Old Dude banded fall 2007_RD

Love to the catbird! He has given some love back on Marty’s shirt.

Marty and GRCA love_RD

Our final species for the year is this one Myrtle warbler, the eastern race of Yellow-rumped warbler. These are very common in the winter and at every other banding station along the Atlantic coast, but they take a long time to work their way down into deep south Florida in any substantial numbers. We were closed for three days this week due to strong winds, and we missed an opportunity to band a few more of these. The woods are now quiet as the neotropical migration seems to have finished for the year. Time to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas bird counts!

MYWA 1_110713_RD

The crew on Thursday with the Myrtle warbler. Left to right: Marc, Miriam, Jim, Michelle, Liz, Michi, Michael, David.

Marc Miriam Me Jim Michi Mike Liz David 110713

Some pics from over the season: Mike giving a redstart some love.

male bonding_RD

This redstart is in no hurry to leave Lindsey’s hand.

Lindsey with pet AMRE_RD

Liz grinning about something.

Empress of the Universe 10-3-13_RD

Marty and Eliana are all smiles with a Sharp-shinned hawk.


We would love to thank all of our volunteers in 2013, new and returning. This was a fabulous season! We will be back in August 2014.

Season total: 2128 birds of 61 species

Top ten:

Gray Catbird- 358

Black-throated blue warbler- 324

Ovenbird- 317

American redstart- 182

Worm-eating warbler- 138

Common yellowthroat- 126

Black-and-white warbler- 115

Northern waterthrush- 84

Western palm warbler- 72

Northern parula- 52



We’re outta here!

Bye, and have a safe trip!

-Michelle Davis


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2 Responses to Last day of banding for 2013

  1. Elsa Alvear says:

    Awwwww I will miss the blog and Facebook updates! I’m so glad I got to go a few times to the banding station 🙂 thanks for having me! I like catbirds. Cute Myrtle! Congratulations on your great banding station, Michelle!

  2. Marc Kramer says:

    Thanks for the refreshing blog updates and a chance to learn from an amazing group of people! Partaking in the CFBS was a revitalizing journey for me back into field with birds. Thanks for sharing the experience and for the awesome job you guys do. Keep up the good work and you can count on Eliana and me helping again in 2014.

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