47 Shades of Gray

We followed up yesterday with another respectable day, although there was less overall diversity. The winds had picked up out of the northeast overnight and it was harder to hear the birds around us, although they were there. The mistnetting was steady all day, and more birds had large fat loads than yesterday or, especially, the previous two days. We had the impression that although a lot of birds left last night, new individuals came in today and the species composition changed slightly.


There were a lot of Gray catbirds around today. We don’t bother to wear our best shirts out to the station, for obvious reasons.

Yep! I'm a 5 fat!_RDWPWA 1_092913_RD

Left: Northern parula. Right: Western palm warbler.

Today’s totals: 106 birds of 14 species

Gray catbird: 47

Black-throated blue warbler: 26

Western palm warbler: 7

American redstart: 6

Ovenbird: 4

Indigo bunting: 3

Common yellowthroat: 3

Magnolia warbler: 3

Northern parula: 2

Prairie warbler: 1

Swainson’s thrush: 1

White-eyed vireo: 1

Black-and-white warbler: 1

Painted bunting: 1

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  1. Roxanne Featherly says:

    Poop happens!

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